Monday, November 5, 2012

God I Ignored

I saw a begger, an old one, had a curly white hair with foggy spectacles and a dark blurry face...

um... I didn't look at her or rather didn't want to look at her, when I realized she was slowly walking towards me.

I was waiting at the signal, 119 seconds to turn green, AC was off, glass was down.

She came and raised her hands I couldn't hear her voice but it was obvious she was asking for money. I ignored her, not even looked at her once.

I was sure about not giving her anything.

My hands reached for the glovebox hoping there would be some coins left inside, but never opened it. The signal from above was very determined than from the lower left.

She stood there for sometime and left. I looked through the side mirror, when she was out of the sight, I checked inside the glovebox. There was nothing but bits of paper, phew!.

Seconds later, the signal turned green. I was looking for the old lady, through the side mirror, couldn't find her in traffic. I could have given her some money... huh... Any ways next time....

Evening, I went for "Skyfall"... had dinner in McDonalds...

At nights, these signals from within gets verry strong. I could have given her some money... at least... a 10 rupee!.

It's 2:09 am, I cannot sleep! My left side feels like cogs moving, restlessnesss, signal from above says...
I've Seen God, I Ignored Him...

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For those who came in late

The Legend of The Lt Blak begins 400 years ago when the sole survivor of a pirate raid was washed up on a remote beach. Friendly pygmies found him and nursed him back to health.

One day while walking on the beach, the survivor found a dead pirate, dressed in his father's clothes. On the skull of his father's murderer, he swore an oath by firelight as the pygmies watched. "I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice, and my sons and their sons will follow me."

This was the Oath of the Skull that he and his descendants would live by. In time, the pygmies led him to the centre of the jungle where he found a large cave with many rocky chambers. The mouth of the cave, a natural formation created by the water and wind of centuries, was curiously like a skull. This skull formation reminded him of an altar he saw in the camp of the 'giant' natives (giant to the pygmies, that is!), when he aided in the pygmies' revolt. It gave him an idea which he later put into practice, and held onto as his 'trademark'.

This Skull Cave became his home. He and the sons who followed became known as the nemesis of pirates everywhere.

He is the mysterious man whose face no-one ever saw, whose name no-one knew. Natives of the unknown Jungle, thinking that all Lt Blaks are the same as the first, say he is immortal, a man who cannot die. Thus, twenty generations of Lt Blaks lived, fought and died, usually violently as they followed their oath. Now, we come to the present...

Lt Blak - the seventh.